Adestria: Behind the Scenes

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I haven’t updated this blog in over eight months. I took a break to reinvent myself and find that fire that previously fueled my passion. Needless to say, I’m back… and it feels good.

My buddy Chris asked me to take some new photos of his band, Adestria. He said they wanted to stray away from the typical band photo / brick wall / etc, etc. We originally planned on shooting in downtown San Diego, but I made a last minute decision to shoot in an abandoned naval center that’s now used for fire fighter training. Since this was an active location (the fire fighting school was across the street and airport security has random drive-bys), we had to be extra careful to be as discreet as possible.

I’ve always wanted to do a conceptual shoot in this location since it’s literally the location of a post zombie apocalypse.

Be sure to check out Adestria. They’ve been named one of the top ten unsigned bands in the country and they’ll be featured in the upcoming issue of Alternative Press. More importantly, check out the photo with the article ;)

Tech Specs
I’m a fan of simple lighting and I usually don’t use more than one light. This entire shoot was lit by a medium soft box w/Alien Bees B800 and a Vagabond II battery pack.

(photo taken with my phone)

(photo taken with my phone)

A couple of fun photos –

The final image –


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Pierce the Veil Teaser

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Happy Birthday to my mom / Ann Rork!

Handguns for Hearts / MikeyWhiskeyHands

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From the Handguns for Hearts website:

Due to the overwhelming response we received on the last shirt, we are going to be taking pre-orders for the new MikeyWhiskeyHands shirt. All pre-orders will come with an autographed 8×10 shot by Nicole Rork. Pre-orders will ship 2/15/10. Limited edition of 100!!

A quick note for cheap brides…

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I found this ad on Craigslist. It’s hilarious, it was obviously written by a professional photographer to try to get the point across about the value of photography. This goes hand in hand with my other wedding article.

Hi there! My name is Lindsay and I’ve just got a brand new camera for Christmas but haven’t even taken it out of the box. I really want to get into the wedding photography business because I see so many people in Utah are getting married and it looks like easy money. I can’t guarantee that even one photo will turn out looking good but I sure will try. Some pictures will be used for my portfolio and my future website. I start booking appointments this week! I am now booking for Spring and Summer of 2010.

I specialize in all types of Lifestyle photography including:

Weddings – You’ll have to pay $15 for gas money outside of Salt Lake City

My style is classy, elegant and artistic. I would be honored to be part of your special occasion or photography needs considering I have no professional experience. I would love to capture those beautiful moments for you and your family.

I have so much passion for being a pro wedding photographer! All my friends and family tell me I take great pictures at all our outings and picnics. I’m putting together a web site of all the flower pictures and sunsets I’ve taken so you can see how good I am. I even have a few pics of my pet dog which turned out really great!

But I don’t have a business license, liability insurance, flashes, extra batteries, or even more than a kit lens that came in the box. If something goes wrong, you’re out of luck. To keep things cheap for you, I won’t even back up any of your images. Less cost for me means less cost for you. Just passing the savings on. I expect to be paid in cash or personal check because I don’t plan on claiming this income on my taxes.

I know many fun and beautiful locations. I really care about making brides look beautiful! I add glow and selective color to all of my images, giving them the best look possible. No need to hassle with computer programs.

Bridals and Engagements are only $100. Please trust me to do your wedding. I’ll do it cheap just to build up my portfolio. I will only charge you $250 for your entire wedding day. This is a deal. My camera cost me $700 brand new. All sessions include a Hi Resolution CD with FULL copy right release included, which means you get to print your pictures at Wal-Mart! Here’s the BEST Part! I offer 100% guarantee on ALL my sessions! Don’t pay a cent until you are 100% happy with your pictures!

I own a camera therefore I can take photos like the pros, who charge alot more. Most brides in Utah spend $2,500 on professional wedding photography. Since I have no experience I’ll only be charging $250 (90% off regular wedding photography prices) to shoot full day wedding coverage.

Think about it: Pros charge alot of money because they have alot of expenses. I don’t.

Pros have:
-a business license
– multiple cameras
-thousands of dollars in lenses and flashes
-hard drives to back up the images
-people skills
-color calibrated monitors
-professional print labs
-professional albums

I have none of this stuff so we’ll keep it cheap, just for you!

E-mail me if you want to set an appointment or if you have any questions, I will gladly respond.

Hollywood Sunset

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Sunset over Hollywood Reservoir.  This song is about as epic as the view over the hills.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Michael Brook – Salvation Mountain”]

Pierce the Veil

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Brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes of Pierce the Veil chatting it up outside of Ocean Studios in Los Angeles.

Cinematic Sunrise

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Cinematic Sunrise / Pete Wentz – Fall Out Boy / Nash Breen – Armor For Sleep

Splitting Columns in Excel

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If you’re like me and get frustrated with Excel’s lack of column splitting, run this macro to split them.

Sub SingleToMultiColumn()
Dim rng As Range
Dim iCols As Integer
Dim lRows As Long
Dim iCol As Integer
Dim lRow As Long
Dim lRowSource As Long
Dim x As Long
Dim wks As Worksheet

Set rng = Application.InputBox _
(prompt:="Select the range to convert", _
iCols = InputBox("How many columns do you want?")
lRowSource = rng.Rows.Count
lRows = lRowSource / iCols
If lRows * iCols <> lRowSource Then lRows = lRows + 1

Set wks = Worksheets.Add
lRow = 1
x = 1
For iCol = 1 To iCols
Do While x <= lRows And lRow <= lRowSource Cells(x, iCol) = rng.Cells(lRow, 1) x = x + 1 lRow = lRow + 1 Loop x = 1 Next End Sub

The Classy Gents

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I’ve neglected this blog for awhile, I apologize! I have lots of photos in the blog queue, it’s just a matter of me posting them. For now, enjoy the very first Classy Gents photo –

Tech Info:
Canon 30D + 17-40L | Alien Bees B800 w/umbrella to camera right

Stay tuned for a fine art section where you’ll be able to purchase prints!